World Bleeders and World Feeders
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World Bleeder: an individual/entity that bleeds or exploits humanity, communities, natural resources and/or our planet

World Bleeders is an eco-humanitarian initiative that will generate widespread awareness of key people, corporations and organizations having a negative impact on our planet, resources, sustainability and humanity. It will provide a platform for creating positive change and holding accountable those who are exploiting the resources upon which we all depend. It will also suggest ways for them to redeem themselves in constructive, positive ways.

World Bleeders and World Feeders are integrated initiatives for positive global change.

World Feeder: an individual/entity that contributes positively to humanity, communities, natural resources and/or our planet

World Feeders will act as a positive counterpart to World Bleeders, drawing attention to individuals, corporations and organizations worldwide that are engaged in positive, uplifting, life-enhancing, planet-friendly projects. As World Bleeders wreak unprecedented havoc, World Feeders reach new heights of ingenuity, innovation and positive impact. World Feeders will showcase and promote the positive contributions being made around the world.

We have reached a crucial time in our evolution when the increasing pressures on our planet are rapidly taking us to the point of no return.

Yet it is also the first time in our history that, through our global interactivity, we have the collective ability to:

  • instantly access and share information worldwide
  • understand and become aware of the threats facing our world
  • exert pressure on the offenders to stop harming our planet—and, ideally, reverse the damage they have done.

We're in the early stages of development and are seeking interested parties to help build this much-needed resource.