World Bleeders and World Feeders
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It's a beautiful world. Let's keep it that way.
Find out how to join a global movement to do just that.

We immediately need volunteer helpers:

Research interns

Would you like to help us identify the top bleeders and feeders in our world?

Development funding

Would you like to support this powerful springboard for global change?

Web developers/designers

Would you like to create a compelling, dynamic site that will be seen by millions?

We're also looking for:

Advisory board members

Would you like to offer your expertise and be part of a dynamic team of experts?

Legal advisors

Would you like to help ensure the legal integrity of this initiative?

Project managers

Would you like to guide and manage this exciting, multi-faceted movement?

Specialist adjudicators

Would you like to contribute your unique perspective and skills to this cause?

Chief financial officer

Would you like to take charge of the finances for this expansive endeavour?

PR people

Would you like to apply your creative skills and ideas to reach all our global villagers?