World Bleeders and World Feeders
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Meet the team

So far, it's just us—Lewis Evans and Olga Sheean—but our team will grow fast, once we get the word out, and we'd love to have you on board.

Lewis Evans

Lewis Evans is a multi-talented serial creative, always designing, developing, crafting or beautifying something.

He's a social mediator, an eclectic artist, a graphic designer, a photographer, an author, an inventor, a corporate creativity coach, a marketing communications expert, and a man with a very big heart.

He's also a visionary and a big-picture person who brings passion, humanity and new dimensions to every project he develops. As Chairman of Peace Geeks—a non-profit volunteer organization that uses technology to build the capacities of grassroots organizations promoting peace, accountability and human rights—he contributes his vast experience in business to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of this very worthy cause.

He's based in Vancouver, Canada, where he zooms around on his bike or scooter …when he's not sitting in cafés having coffee-fueled chats with other innovative visionaries and change-makers.

Olga Sheean

Olga Sheean is an author and empowerment catalyst dedicated to changing minds and empowering humans to fulfill their potential. Using her own unique framework for personal and professional self-mastery, she specializes in identifying and transforming the negative subconscious programs that drive our circumstances, self-worth and success.

She's also a relationship therapist, a linguist, a book editor, a former magazine editor, a joker, and a dedicated wordsmith who has published over 300 articles on the environment, emotional intelligence, holistic health, human dynamics, relationships, nutrition and popular psychology.

A regular feature writer and columnist for North American and European magazines, she has also worked as a photojournalist for WWF International in Switzerland, and as an editor for the United Nations in Geneva and New York.

An environmentalist at heart, Olga is committed to making the world a better place and to finding the deeper truth in all things—while sourcing the best dark chocolate on the planet. (So far, Zazubean organic superfood chocolate is the clear winner, but watch this space…)

And you...?

This is your project as much as ours, and we need you,
to make it really fly. Together, we can make this the most impactful, transformative project our world has ever seen.